Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Larry Kramer Is Still Kicking Ass at 74

Posted by Brooklyn Bill

I really enjoyed this profile of Larry Kramer from New York magazine. It sounds like he'd be a nightmare to deal with on a personal basis day after day, but in this time when the Democratic Party listens only to the wishes of its corporate overlords and Americans seem indifferent to everything except the latest celebrity scandal, we're sorely in need of about a hundred Larry Kramers to kick some major ass. I'll be buying his The American People in whatever form it eventually materializes.


  1. I had some email exchanges with him a few months ago. He has absolutely no patience, and I agree that we could use a hundred of him.

    1. The statement made about him being 74" and still kicking ass" implies that he should be in a wheel chair in a nursing home talking to the walls instead being an alert intelligent person with views that are certainly worth while..Age is wisdom that cannot be obtained from a book but instead is acquired through a full life of expierences. I am 77 and have intelligence, and wisdom and certainly not afraid to voice my views if I find that they are needed.....NYC